Guidelines for moving entire sites

What we will do:

What we will not do:

  1. Move all your site files and folders from your current host to ours.
  2. Move all MySQL databases from your current host to ours.
  3. Tie databases in with their respective programs if domain name has changed.
  1. Move host based routines such as mail programs or blogs that you installed through the control panel. Some of these programs use files that you don't have access to making it impossible to access.
  2. Move any database other than a MySQL.
  3. Change all the links on your pages if you didn't code them relative to the base directory.
  4. Debug CGI scripts after moving.
We will attempt to do everything within our power to make sure a move to our servers is smooth. However, sometimes restrictions by the host on file access or database access among a few others will make it difficult or even impossible to do. Data 1 Systems cannot guarantee we can definitely retrieve all your information though in most cases we can.


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